Accolmile In EUROBIKE - Peek Into The Future Of Cycling

EUROBIKE 2023 is a prestigious international bicycle trade exhibition where you can witness exciting innovations and cutting-edge technology demonstrations. Every summer, cycling enthusiasts from all over Europe pay attention to this event. Accolmile, an emerging brand in the electric bicycle field, showcased their products in Hall 9.0/E30, bringing their offerings to all enthusiasts. With a range of S-Pedelecs and electric bicycle conversion kits, Accolmile fascinated attendees and sparked their desire to explore the possibilities of the next generation of cycling experiences.

Unveiling A World Of Electric Bicycles Filled With Possibilities

Accolmile showcased various S-Pedelecs at EUROBIKE 2023, including MTB/Cross, Trekking, City/Urban, Race, and other electric bicycle models, providing attendees with a comprehensive display of the brand's commitment to excellence. The Accolmile booth exuded an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, offering visitors a unique opportunity to envision the future of bicycles.

Accolmile in EUROBIKE

Starting The Trend Of Electric Bicycle

Accolmile once again presented the conversion kits that pioneered the trend of electric-assist bicycles, including the BAFANG BBS mid-drive motors such as the BBS01 (M215) series, BBS02 (M315) series, BBSHD (M615) series, and more. Visitors were attracted to the showcased electric bicycle conversion kits, which provided an opportunity to transform traditional bicycles into powerful and efficient electric bicycles. These conversion kits reflected Accolmile's commitment to sustainability and accessibility, allowing cyclists to upgrade their existing bicycles and enjoy the benefits of electric assistance without the need to purchase a completely new bicycle.

BAFANG BBS Mid Drive eBike Conversion Kits

From the past to the future

Stepping into Accolmile's booth at EUROBIKE 2023 felt like entering a time machine. Here, you could revisit the original form of electric-assist bicycles and imagine their future. With its visionary design and cutting-edge technology, Accolmile provided attendees with an enticing preview of the future. The atmosphere at the booth was filled with anticipation as enthusiasts explored the upcoming trends, features, and advancements that will become essential in the world of bicycles.

Accolmile Celebrations After EUROBIKE


Accolmile's participation in EUROBIKE 2023 showcased their commitment to leading the cycling fashion. With an impressive range of S-Pedelecs covering various categories and the introduction of electric bicycle conversion kits, Accolmile presented a convincing vision for the future of cycling. This event left attendees inspired and eager to embrace the possibilities of the coming year. Accolmile will continue to push the boundaries of innovation, shaping the way we ride and experience bicycles in the years to come.

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