Accolmile Overseas Company Established In Poland

After the efforts of all Accolmile members, Accolmile Overseas Company has finally been established in Poland.

Accolmile Poland Team Members

On May 23rd, we successfully held our first offline event, "Bafang Motor eBike Conversion Training." We invited BAFANG engineers to join our team of trainers, along with our own Accolmile technical staff. We demonstrated the complete process of bike modification to our customers, and all participants showed a strong interest in converting their bikes into electric-assisted bikes. The majority of the attendees believed that after the training, they would be able to modify their own bicycles. Additionally, a small number of customers made on-site purchases of Accolmile conversion kits.

After the completion of the training, we invited all the guests to test ride our Accolmile electric-assisted bicycles. Everyone expressed their admiration for the riding experience of the eBikes and mentioned their willingness to purchase one. They were impressed by the assistance provided by the electric motor, which enhanced their riding comfort and made cycling more enjoyable. The positive feedback and expressed interest in purchasing an eBike reflect the success of our event and the appeal of Accolmile's electric-assisted bicycles.

We conducted interviews with some participants to gather their feedback on the event.

  • Bartek: I am Bartek from Bazaar, I came here because I was interested in bicycle conversion, well, I didn't know too much about it at that point, but with this meeting I'm going to learn a lot, it seems to me that electric motors are the future. I enjoyed the atomosphere very much and am glad I was able to come here, I hope to be invited to similar evens in the future.
  • Rafal: I operate a bicycle service "Nowobike" in Lodz.
    Accolmile: Why did you dicide to come to us?
    Rafal: Because I wanted to learn about electric bicycles.
    Accolmile: How are your impressions?
    Rafal: Very positive! Unfortunately, ordinary bikes are losing popularity, and electric bike are the future, a future in which to invest.
    Accolmile: Did you learn something new with us about the electric bikes?
    Rafal: Of course it is, I have never been in contact with electric bicycles, so I am delighted!
  • Jorge: I'm Jorge and I came from Warsaw "Rekibiker" company and we came here to learn a little more about BAFANG's motor and more competitive in the market for our customers. What I liked most was that I could tray all the motors, various models, different bicycles and how to do it best for our users.
  • Guys from "Bikegaraz" service: We are from Krakow, from the "Bikegaraz" service on a daily basis we service bicycles, but also service automation with electric drives we also have a bit in common. Well that's why we came to find out more about it.
    Accolmile: How were your impressions, did you like it?
    Guys from "Bikegaraz" service: Yes, definitely a cool event, we met new contacts an opportunity to check out the bikes, see how these new drives work, larger powers in particular the powerful 1000W as weel as an opportunity to expand the market.

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