Wrocław Bicycle Festival!

We are thrilled to share our exhilarating adventure at the Wrocław Bicycle Festival with all of you! As passionate supporters of cycling and advocates for a sustainable lifestyle, Accolmile had the incredible opportunity to be a part of this remarkable event. The festival, known for its vibrant celebration of everything related to bicycles, left us awe-struck as we witnessed countless individuals pedaling through the streets of Wrocław on their fascinating bikes.

Accolmile Group in Wrocław Bicycle Festival

Throughout the festival, our team at Accolmile was captivated by the energy, enthusiasm, and sheer joy radiating from both participants and spectators alike. We had the privilege of immersing ourselves in this vibrant community, capturing unforgettable moments on camera and experiencing the thrill of being part of a united cycling movement.

So many people in Wrocław Bicycle Festival_2

Our collection of photographs paints a vivid picture of the festival's atmosphere and showcases the remarkable diversity of bikes and riders who graced the event. From sleek road bikes to quirky custom creations, every corner revealed a unique story waiting to be told. With each snap of the shutter, we sought to encapsulate the spirit of camaraderie, freedom, and adventure that permeated the air.

Special bikes in Wrocław Bicycle Festival
Special bike in Wrocław Bicycle Festival
The Little Kids are Following with their family in Wrocław Bicycle Festival
The little child is follow with his father in Wrocław Bicycle Festival
A Mysterious Man Rest Under the Tree in Wrocław Bicycle Festival
The mysterious Man rest under the tree in Wrocław Bicycle Festival

Next Station Preview

The next stop for us will be Eurobike, where we welcome all cycling enthusiasts to meet us there.


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