About Us

To really know about us, all you have to do is imagine three engineers, huddled over a new toy in a crowded tool shed.

Cobbling together an electric motor for an old bike we had, what started off as a pet-project quickly became far more than a hobby.

Constantly tinkering and re-iterating on our initial design, our friends and family couldn't get enough of the pure fun and joy that it was to ride on our Accolmile e-bikes. 

Before we knew it, it turned out we were really onto something, so we quit our regular 9-5 jobs in order to focus on creating the best DIY e-bike motor kits available. Straight out of the gate our Accolmile kits were being recognized as one of the best, and in just a couple of years we became one of the top 3 brands for DIY e-bike systems!

After receiving accolade after accolade, and with thousands of excellent reviews and happy customers, we noticed a new problem raise its head: as e-bikes became more and more popular, the quality of a lot of e-bikes were getting worse! The trend that was supposed to help so many people recapture their mobility was putting them at risk of getting a bad deal, a waste of money, or  coming to physical harm. 

We knew that the best way forward would be to offer our own fully-fledged bikes, after all, we already knew we had the perfect motor, so why not create the ultimate bike as well? 

Our love of engineering and DIY are what got us into e-bikes, but it's our customers and the community that made us fall in love with e-bikes. Safety and comfort are our absolute priority, and with our unparalleled quality, we know you'll always be in great company.