Accolmile Tibetan Antelope eBike 36V 250W eCity with Bafang M200 Mid Motor
Accolmile Tibetan Antelope eBike 36V 250W eCity with Bafang M200 Mid Motor

Accolmile Tibetan Antelope eBike 36V 250W eCity with Bafang M200 Mid Motor

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Yoann Bellerose


Love my purchase. 
Use it to commute every day around Paris, and just the ride makes me look forward to the next day.

Miles Cooper

University Student

Got my bike to move around campus whenver I need to attend classes and to my part time job. 
Enjoy every moment of it!

Jarl Holmström

Engineer and Grandfather

Summers in Sweden are more fun now!
I'm able to go on longer rides with family thanks to the pedal assist.


Smooth, silent and very economic: The compact M200 mid-motor shines with an overwhelming cost-performance ratio. Weighing just 3.2kg at 250W rated power output and 65Nm of max. torque, it is perfectly suited to entry-level eCity bikes.

SUNTOUR Suspension Fork

Electric city bikes require suspension forks to enhance rider comfort on uneven urban roads. These forks absorb shocks, reduce vibrations from powerful motors, and improve control, traction, and safety by maintaining better contact with the ground. This feature is crucial for a smooth, stable, and secure ride, especially over rough surfaces, potholes, and obstacles commonly found in city environments.

LCD Display

The BAFANG DP C13 CAN is a classic display from this brand, capable of displaying current speed, remaining battery level, speed level, and mileage. When you need to dismount and walk, you can activate the walking mode (speed 5km/h) through the display.

Frame, Brakes and System

The upgraded bike frame features an low step-over beam for woman, ensuring both the stability of the bicycle and step-through for woman. The hydraulic ebrake system can reduce the required braking time and ensure cycling safety.

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