Accolmile Vision

      Greenhouse gases such as CO2 disperse uniformly in the atmosphere, which means that the concentration of greenhouse gases is approximately the same all over the world. So whatever we're doing now will change the future of the world.
      Global transportation is undergoing the great changes. More and more electric vehicles are appearing in people's lives. Everyone can contribute to carbon reduction. At the same time, providing convenient short-distance travel tools with 0 emission  for all customers has become Accolmile's vision. 
      We're committed to providing a real avenue for people who want to help the environment by upgrading their travel tools. Although we don't actually achieve 0 emissions in the true sense, we can collect emissions and hand them over to power plants for unified processing. This is possible with e-bike, and this is what Accolmile eBikes exist for.

Our story
Our mission

Accolmile Mission

      Accompany all friends who have made changes to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, and help them implement the reduction of carbon emissions to the end.
      Accolmile will help customers continuously reduce carbon emissions through a 1-year warranty period and 2-year maintenance support. At the same time, we help customers start to reduce carbon emissions earlier through fast delivery services. 
      Once the customer completes the order, Accolmile will deliver the product to the customer's address within 10 days. From the moment you get the product on, you will become a member of the group who contributes to protecting the environment.

What Company’s Doing?

Core Value

Think As A User

Every time Accolmile start to create a new e-bike, we start with what do we need when we ride the new bike. Where we want to go, what features do we need to help us get to the destination.

Work As A Team

When our customers meet to a difficult problem when using our electric bicycles, we usually convene relevant colleagues to think about solutions in front of the monitor to find the best solution.

Learn From The Customer

All of the improvement of our existing products are inspired by customer feedback. We will collect all the points that customers think the product needs to improve, which is the fundamental direction for us to upgrade the product.

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